Growth Groups @ 9:00 AM
Morning Worship* @ 10:00 AM
African Service @ 3:00 PM
Evening Worship* @ 5:00 PM

AWANA & Impact @ 6:30 PM
Midweek* @ 7:00 PM

*Servicio también en español


The ImPowered College Ministry aims to provide encouragement and a place for Christian fellowship.

ImPowered Growth Group | Sundays

All 18-25 year olds meet together on Sundays at 9:00am for a time of fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.

ImPowered Bible Study | Tuesdays


Every other Tuesday, ImPowered meets in the FLC at church. They enjoy fellowship, dinner, and an in depth study of God's Word.

Monthly Activities & Fellowships


Throughout the month, ImPowered meets for various activities all throughout Tucson.

1525 S Columbus Blvd • Tucson, AZ 85711  |  Phone: (520) 748.1525